From the recording Not A Rapper: The Mixtape


Coming outta
A lil
From the
Queen City
I be going
Bout my business
Don’t disturb my peace
And if you think
I’m playing
Ask my boys from the East

You bitches
Talking hard
Just like you
Wanting something
But I
Fire the cannon
And do it
Via com
Cause I
Am not a rapper
I just did this shit
For fun
I been listening
All this time
Mighta maybe
Picked up something

I’m Queen King
And I know these
Niggas know
I ain’t ever
Been with bullshit
Stop dat ass
At da do’
If I see he bout
His paper
Then he got a chance
Fo sho
And if he
Respecting my hustle
He can give this ass
A go

He still can’t touch
Until I say so
If you wanna see me freaky
Gotta show a lil mo
Flashing bands and the Bentley
Only gonna impress a hoe
Just drop them pants when you see me
I’d rather come before you go