Event GOAT Research is the section of The Experiential GOAT that conducts market research on the experiential marketing industry.

The goal of Event GOAT Research is to create a comprehensive and published study about the live events industry.

The Deal With EINs

There has been a lot of buzz lately about marketing agencies requiring an EIN in order to work with them.

These agencies are basing this off of the new federal ruling concerning independent contractors, but are leaving out an important…

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The Beef With Trusted Herd (Part 7)

If you have made it this far, you are probably wondering why anyone would take the time to do all of this? What is the point of going into such detail about Trusted Herd?

Because they are built upon the…

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The Beef With Trusted Herd (Part 6)

Trusted Herd came on the scene in January 2017 with the promise of “event industry transparency” and for quite a while they delivered. Workers having the ability to rate agencies and vice versa allowed the industry to stay competitive on…

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The Beef With Trusted Herd (Part 4)

Anyone working full time in experiential marketing can tell you that getting booked is the easiest part.

It is having to keep track of all the things that you need in order to get paid on time and file taxes.

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The Beef With Trusted Herd (Part 3)

As the world started to get antsy about being inside for so long due to COVID-19, the live events industry timidly restarted with trepidation. While there is not quite a definitive date or moment in which live events marketing restarts…

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The Beef With Trusted Herd (Part 2)

Trusted Herd started under the premise that every worker was meant to have a voice in the experiential marketing industry. The founder, Brian A. Fox, started the concept in 2016 with a rollout in 2017. The company was attracting event…

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