1. The Truth

From the recording Not A Rapper: The Mixtape


Told you I was the truth
But you niggas didn’t
Believe me
Now you see the truth
And you bitches really
Ain’t seeing me
I recorded my truth
Now it’s flashing all on
Ya phone screen
My voice is the truth
Whether I speak it, write it
Rap it, Or sing

Cause I’m the truth bitch
Cause I’m the truth

Hold up hold up
Let me do this one real quick

I seen your talent
You the shit
So I told you I want
A lesson
But you thought it was
Bout dick
So instead you
Started messin
When I figure out
The shit
Blow out
And now you
I’m about my
Money bitch
You forgot is
What I’m guessin
And that’s the truth

Don’t get it twisted, baby
I’m the truth
Whether I speak it
Write it
Rap it
Or sing