1. B.D.E.

From the recording Not A Rapper: The Mixtape


I just be making shit up
When I’m bored
Alright, like this one

You know why these niggas love Kim
Cause Kim just don’t give
A fuck
I be fixing the weed
While they licking my clit
Light it up
Smoke it
Then we fuck

Wanna fuck from the back
Cause I’m nasty
But I don’t just give it up
I be cooling on
Niggas, no pressure
Taking notes from
Da Baby and Megan
Hell no, I ain’t the Stallion
But look how I walk
Look how I talk
I’m sexy
Baby I’m pretty boughetto
Still that bitch with degrees
And stilettos
And whenever we fuck
I’m fucking him back
Smack this ass, baby
You know
Now watch me reverse it
Got up on the dick
Ride smoother than
A Camero

You niggas love snapping pics
When you ain’t got no bars
Love to call yo girl a bitch
While you driving her car
You be talking cash shit
Bout women from afar
But when we do not want yo dick
Its about how stuck up we are

Thinking just cause I’m a girl
I ain’t got no dreams
You think you should be my world
Got me fucked up it seems
Cause I’ll be rocking fresh curls
When I step on the scene
I’ll snatch ya chain while wearing pearls
Then leave out with your team

I got BDE nigga
Bigger than yours
So miss me with the bullshit
I ain’t one of your whores
It ain’t my dream to be
Yo wifey
At the crib doing chores
Its my dream to be
A boss
As I’m rocking out tours

I been getting duffel bags
And no they ain’t
Michael Kors
Got my money all legit
Ain’t have to get on all fours
If I’m riding on yo dick
Know that decision ain’t yours
But yo, if all you got is dick
Then you just one of my whores