1. Good Trouble

From the recording Not A Rapper: The Mixtape


I got
Brains, beauty, booty
No cap
You see its true
If you ask me
Where I learned it
I’m telling you

I’m a
Fiskite reppin
Class of 2010
And always looking
For good trouble
To get in
And one thing
I can say
About my friends
We be poppin
Bout dat life
For the revolution

Ivy League of the South
But talking reckless
Get you hit up
In the mouth
Them steadfast sons
Got a cannon
Wild N Out
And her daughter
Really true
So you know
What we about

We reading books
And serving looks
And seeking justice
To get these crooks
We don’t choose Fisk
Before we go
It choose you
If you ain’t know
Taking all the mystery
Out out forgotten history
And no matter where I be
Fiskites I still love thee

And we know
Just how to do it
Cause of Rep
John Lewis
He and C.T. Vivian
Kept on fighting
Til the end
Now that they’re
In heaven
We need more heart
Than Kevin
To push for change
And we can’t stop
Until we win