1. Ambitious

From the recording Not A Rapper: The Mixtape


I just be
Making shit up

It’s ambition
Over everything
I never plan on
I’ve been the shit
Without a man
So fuck yo gotdamn
Wedding ring

The fuck I look like
Chasing kings
When I can go get
I built this table
All by myself
So other than dick
What do you bring

Nigga you can’t
Sell me that dream
I’m just as dope
As I fuckin seem
And if the fact
I’m stacked
Makes you feel
A way
Check yo self bitch
Cause you not
A king

I just be
Switching my flows up like

Some of you niggas
That think you a king
Are really just peasants
Bow down to the Queen

My money is mine
And my body is too
But I guess I'm a
Bitch for not pandering to you

Well if thats how you feel
I'm gone show you how real
Of a bitch I can be
Bet its realer than you

Nah, I ain’t gone do that yet
I ain’t gone do that yet