1. Not A Rapper

From the recording Not A Rapper: The Mixtape


Mic check
One two
One two
Listen to this track bitch
Thats what you gone do

Really not a rapper
Really got no flow

But I
Really am a
That about her dough

I been
Hustling cross the
Always on the road
Ayo fellas
Catch me if you can
But you won’t though

I stay
Ten toes down
I’m the CEO
I do exactly
What I like
Can’t stop me
I’m the plug hoe
Not afraid to
Whoop that trick
Hustle and flow
I am not a rapper
I just do this shit
For fun yo

It don’t matter
What you think
It only matter
What you know
And what I know is I’m a pimp
So come run me
My money ho
Niggas talking hard
Got more BDE
In my big toe
If yo man is
Not a rapper
Play this song
And let him know

Bet he get mad
Bet that nigga
Start to pout
Say that you a rapper
Bitch we know
What you about
Saying you a rapper
For the hoes and the clout
But you ain’t even spittin
When I’m coming in your mouth